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We may hail from different hometowns, but we are united in our love for this city - its food, history, hospitality, art, and culture - and in our passion in sharing the best of it with guests from around the world. We invite you to get to know our talented team.

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Our Team

Richard Widman

I founded Charming Inns in 1982, and it's always been a labor of love, just like raising a family. It started with me but the 'family' grew one Inn at a time adding family members to support the business. Many employees began in the Charming Inns family as bellmen, concierges and have grown within the company and are valuable members of management now. As the 'parent,' it's rewarding to watch the family work together to ensure that our guests receive a great experience. I enjoy Charleston for its friendliness and small town feel. Walking down the street or waving at a passing car, you always see someone you know.

Contact Richard at rwidman@charminginns.com or (843) 720 2942

V.P., Sales and Public Relations

Linn Lesesne

I began my Charming Inns career in 1993, and the people I work with make my job what it is and are the reason I want to come to work everyday. We care about each other personally just like you would siblings. Everyone takes ownership in their individual jobs - and we are all always willing to help each other out. As a native Charlestonian, I have so much history here. I love the beaches, the ocean, the friendly people, the beautiful historic homes, and the tree lined streets.

Contact Linn at llesesne@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2943

V.P. of Marketing and Revenue Management

Michelle Woodhull

I've been part of the Charming Inns family since 1999. I work with a wonderful group of people who genuinely care and support each other personally and professionally. We all work together for the same common goal: seeing our guests smile! For a small city Charleston has so many big city offerings. From the fine arts and history, to sporting events and great cuisine, to beaches and spectacular weather, Charleston is truly a fantastic place.

Contact Michelle at mwoodhull@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2946

Corporate Sales Manager

Jennifer Huber

Though I'm an Indiana native (Go, Boilers!), I love Charleston - and the best thing about it, the friendly people. Someone is always there to welcome you with a smile. Since 2011, I'm happy to work with people I can count on, who make me laugh and with whom I've built lasting friendships.

Contact Jennifer at jhuber@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2949

Social Media and Content Manager

Ashley Mitchell

I was welcomed into the Charming Inns family in 2014. As a Bluffton, South Carolina native, I love that Charleston can offer the convenience of a larger city, but still have so many quiet spaces. From fishing in a peaceful creek early in the morning to the enchanting oak trees at Charles Towne Landing, Charleston is a magical place.

Contact Ashley at amitchell@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2945

Human Resources

JoAnn Duncan

I'm from Mt. Pleasant, SC. I grew up there, went to elementary school and high school there, and live in the house I grew up in. Charleston is my home; I simply couldn't live anywhere else. I've been part of the Charming Inns team since 1995, and all of the employees are closely knit. We aren't like a family - we are a family.

Contact JoAnn at jduncan@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2611


Judi Beahn

On the Charleston peninsula, I love the architecture and preservation of historic buildings and churches, and gardens tucked away behind private residences. Of course, living near the ocean is pretty amazing too. Since 1997, I've worked with people I like and respect, who always have your back, who will always be there when you need them…just like a family.

Contact Judi at jbeahn@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2613

Corporate Revenue Manager

Danielle Vitale

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL and a graduate of the University of Florida, I moved to Charleston and joined the Charming Inns family in 2017. Being new to Charleston, I have loved exploring this city and experiencing everything it has to offer. From beautiful beaches and parks, to stunning historic homes and amazing restaurants, there is so much to do and see. I am excited to be a part of Charming Inns, and enjoy working with such a supportive and close-knit team.

Contact Danielle at dvitale@charminginns.com or (843) 266-1003

Innkeeper, John Rutledge House Inn

Margaret Baxley

I've been part of the Charming Inns family since 2007, and they have supported me in my decisions through college and young professional life. The best thing about Charleston has to be its ability to appeal to many different lifestyles. From history buffs to beachgoers to "foodies" and to those who only come to town for a little retail therapy, there is a niche for all types of visitors and locals alike.

Contact Margaret at mbaxley@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2948

Assistant Innkeeper, John Rutledge House Inn

Elizabeth Belcher

Born and raised in Simpsonville, South Carolina, I came to Charleston in 2002 to attend the College of Charleston and never left. There's always something happening in Charleston. You can walk down a random street and learn history. I've been with the Charming Inns family since 2006, and take comfort in knowing someone is always there for me.

Contact Elizabeth at ebelcher@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2604

Innkeeper, Kings Courtyard Inn & Fulton Lane Inn

Lisa Anderson

Born a Vermonter, I grew up in Massaschusetts, but I've been part of the Charming Inns "family" since 2004, and it's just that - family. A Dad and Mom, sisters, cousins, brothers, aunts. They say you can't pick your family…I'm fortunate enough to pick mine! I like the nooks and crannies of Charleston. The one balcony table at Muse, the back outdoor space of Blind Tiger, the alley called Pennsylvania Ave., and the Pineapple courtyard at Kings Courtyard Inn.

Contact Lisa at landerson@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2947

Assistant Innkeeper, Kings Courtyard Inn & Fulton Lane Inn

Carolyn Walczuk

I was born and raised in Long Valley, New Jersey, and graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA in 2015 with a B.S. in Tourism and Events Management. I decided to move to Charleston, because of the buzzing hospitality scene and the character of the city. The rich history and beauty here would capture the heart of any resident or tourist. I love Charming Inns because of all the support and encouragement I get from my peers.

Contact Carolyn at cwalczuk@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2948

Assistant Innkeeper, Kings Courtyard Inn & Fulton Lane Inn

Andrew Jenkins

I was born and raised in the South and have called Charleston home for most of my life. I graduated from Berry College in 2003 then spent five years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. I love to travel and welcome travelers to my hometown of Charleston with advice on where to go and what to eat and drink while enjoying great views of the Holy City. I love to ask people about their travels and talk to them about their favorite baseball teams.

Contact Andrew at ajenkins@charminginns.com or (843) 720-2600 ext. 7350

Innkeeper, Wentworth Mansion

Noreen Marchant

I've been a part of the Charming Inns family since 2010. We're the first to cheer for each other, when goals or rewards are achieved. We're in your corner, during hard times. We support one another. It's more than a business; it's a family! There's much to love about Charleston, but I especially love the history and way the local citizens preserve and cherish it. The secret gardens you only find by walking down a one-way street and peeking through the wrought iron fences, and the greatest restaurant scene on the east coast.

Contact Noreen at nmarchant@charminginns.com or (843) 203-6000

Assistant Innkeeper, Wentworth Mansion

Elliott Wright

I am originally from Wheeling, West Virginia, and moved to Charleston in 2009 to attend College of Charleston. I graduated from CofC in 2013 with a major in Political Science. Since 2015, I have been a part of the Charming Inns family. I love to call Charleston home because it has everything you would want out of a big city, but it still feels like a small town. I am proud to work for Charming Inns because genuine, high-quality guest service is at the heart of what we do every day, and our company leadership is interested in every employee reaching their full professional potential.

Contact Elliott at ewright@charminginns.com or (843) 853-1886

Director of Housekeeping, Wentworth Mansion

Stephanie Mello

I have lived in Charleston since 2002 when I moved here from Port Orange, Florida. I love living here because every day I wake up there is something to do between the parks, beaches, harbors, local shops and restaurants. The Charming Inns team welcomed me in 2011. I love Charming Inns because it is like my family away from home.

Contact Stephanie at smello@charminginns.com or (843) 853-1886

Executive Chef, Circa 1886 Restaurant

Marc Collins

I'm an Erie, Pennsylvania, native who's been part of the Charming Inns team since 2001. To be part of this incredible team is to be part of a family committed to our guests' total enjoyment of Charleston. I believe the best things about Charleston are the weather and the people who support our great culinary scene.

Contact Marc at mcollins@charminginns.com or (843) 853-7828

Restaurant Manager, Circa 1886 Restaurant

Mark Severs

Since 1998, I've been part of a close-knit group of individuals all graciously working towards the same goal, giving support and inspiration whenever either is needed. That's what Charming Inns is all about. There's so much to love about Charleston, but the water, history, hospitality, and diverse culinary scene are my favorites.

Contact Mark at msevers@charminginns.com or (843) 203-6010

Special Events Coordinator, Circa 1886 Restaurant

Ginny Severs

I'm proud to say that I've been a member of the Charming Inns staff since 2000. These folks are hardworking, loyal, and passionate about their jobs. Like any family, we care for one another, we support one another, and we work together to be successful. We strive everyday to provide the best customer service and create memorable experiences for our guests. When it comes to Charleston, I love the history, the hospitality, the diverse culinary scene, and of course - the view!

Contact Ginny at gsevers@charminginns.com or (843) 203-6011

General Manager, Kitchen 208

Lorraine Cedotal

I was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. I moved to Charleston in 1991 searching for warmer winters. I currently reside in Goose Creek with my husband. I love Charming Inns because it is a company with many long-standing employees. There is a family mentality here and I am excited to be part of it.

Contact Lorraine at lcedotal@kitchen208.com or (843) 725-7208

Chef, Kitchen 208

Christian Zehntner

I joined the Charming Inns team in 2010 where I began my culinary career at Circa 1886. In 2015 was given the opportunity to be the Chef at Kitchen 208, and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I graduated from the Art Institute of Charleston in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management. My favorite things about Charleston are the atmosphere, the friendly people, and of course, the incredible food scene. I love being the chef at Kitchen 208 because of the creative opportunities and the fun energy.

Contact Christian at czehntner@kitchen208.com or (843) 725-7208